UFH marks Mental Health Month with Wellness Fair

Read time: 2 mins
In its relentless quest to promote mental wellness among our students, the Student Counselling Unit (SCU) will be hosting a Mental Health & Wellness Fair on the Alice Campus this Thursday, 20 October.
The event is held in line with the United Nation’s efforts to raise global awareness about mental health during the month of October which has been earmarked as Mental Health Month.
The objective of Mental Health Month is not limited to raising awareness but also aims to reduce the stigma and discrimination that people with mental illness are often subjected to.
According to a poll conducted by UNICEF last year, 65% of young people stated that they had some form of mental health issue but did not seek help. The poll results found that more than a quarter of respondents did not think their mental health problem was serious enough to seek support, while 20% did not know where to get help and 18% were afraid of what people would think. Increased poverty and a lack of hope for the future, top the reasons given for children and young people’s anxiety.
The University, through the SCU, has developed several awareness programmes to stamp out the stigma attached to mental health, such as adopting a culture of talking about mental health-related issues. On-going discussions are held through web seminars and res-talks, where trained counsellors go into student residences to speak about an array of issues related to mental health.
During the fair, attendees will learn more about all sorts of wellness (such as social, financial, intellectual, and physical wellness) by visiting information stalls. The fair will also present an opportunity for participants to unwind by taking part in fun and games while being entertained by South African comedian, King Nuba.
There will also be a fitness boot camp and many prizes up for grabs.