UFH celebrates Heritage Day with traditional song and dance

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In the spirit of heritage, the UFH Music Department saw it fitting to celebrate Heritage Day in traditional song and dance.

The department, in collaboration with the Ngqoko Women’s Ensemble hosted a joyful day where rich cultural and indigenous instruments was the order of the day.

The Ngqoko Women’s Ensemble, from the Ngqoko Village near Lady Frere in the Eastern Cape, sing and perform instruments like the umrhubhe (mouth bow), the uhadi (gourd bow), and the usidiphu (friction drum).

The progmamme started off with a dialogue that aimed to share knowledge about the origins of indigenous instruments and their purposes.

Music senior lecturer (Who) said “The purpose of the event is to learn and acquire some rich heritage and cultural experiences.”

The ensemble have a fascinating collection of songs of the indigenous music of Xhosa communities of South Africa. They have become well known in Africa over the years and have toured the Middle East and Europe. The group established a reputation as guardians of the rural Xhosa culture, maintaining the survival and presence of indigenous South African music. As such, they are considered as one of South Africa's national treasures.