UFH Rowing Club paddle their oars at historic SA University Boat Race

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The UFH Rowing Club was among eight South African Universities that took part in this year's annual RMB Universities’ Boat Race that was held this past weekend.
The regatta which started in the 1970s is held on the Kowie River in Port Alfred. The races took place between the 14 and 17 September.
Both UFH male and female divisions participate with our female team winning both their races and our male team winning their second race.
For the first time in the history of the race, women raced the same length as men which is 6km, as opposed to previous years where they were given a shorter distance of 4km down the choppy tidal river.
The race differs from the traditional 2,000m Olympic-style racing as crews navigate their eight-man boats around a variety of 90° corners while trying to avoid the numerous sandbanks in the Kowie.
President of the UFH club, Deilzielyn van der Westhuizen said she had no doubt that her team would yield great results in the competition.
“Rowing is not an easy sport, one has to be mentally fit as it takes a lot for you to push, especially for 6 kilometers"
"Our team really did well, considering that it is a novice team and don’t have much experience in rowing. For them to achieve such results is a proud moment for me and I am sure, with more practice, we can only improve and do better," said Deilzielyn.