UFH Nursing Science staff participate in Covid-19 Vaccination training

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The University of Fort Hare has commenced its readiness journey in preparation for the implementation of Government’s vaccination programme.

Six qualified professional nurses from the Nursing Science Department in the Faculty of Health Sciences participated in a short course to help prepare for the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out plan. The course took place between 18 to 29 January and covered seven modules.

Launched last month (January 2021), the online course is offered by the National Department of Health (DoH) in partnership with the South African Vaccination and Immunization Center, Department of Virology at Sefako Makgatho Health Science University and other support partners. 

According to the DoH online knowledge hub, the programme seeks to equip participants with knowledge and skills to prepare vaccinators to implement the Covid-19 vaccination plan effectively.

The UFH was represented by the following Nursing Science staff:

  • Mrs Viola Van Vuuren – Student Administration and Records Manager
  • Ms Nomntu Melitafa – Clinical Facilitator and Simulation Lab Manager
  • Mrs Nonthuzelo Bungane – Preceptor
  • Mrs Patela Giyose – Clinical Facilitator
  • Mrs Shirley  Jaftha – Clinical Facilitator
  • Mrs T. Khumalo – Lecturer

Speaking to ThisWeek@FortHare, Mrs Van Vuuren, a veteran Professional Nurse with 50 years of experience, said she was more than ready to impart the knowledge gained from the course.

“The course was very necessary to reinforce and fine-tune the knowledge we already possess. Injecting a vaccine is not a complex exercise for a trained health professional. However, for it to be effective, there needs to be proper management including storage, delivery and disposal. These are some of the modules the course focused on”

According to her, about 3000 people participated in the online sessions which consisted of video presentations, live webinars and live tests.

Once completed, trainees will be able to execute the following:

  • Explain cold-chain requirements, storage and handling principles for various delivery contexts as well as describe options and procedures for waste disposal;
  • Describe the process of Covid-19 vaccine administration and identifying infection prevention and control measures that should be used during vaccination sessions;
  • Identify an adverse event following immunization (AEFI) and explain how to report an AEFI following vaccination.

ThisWeek@FortHare will stay close to this group to learn more about the vaccination programme.   Please be on the lookout for related articles in future editions of the newsletter.

By Aretha Linden