UFH Alumnus lands plum job at Google SA

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Siyavuya Madikane

Siyavuya Madikane, a UFH Alumnus from Ngqamakhwe has been appointed as a Communications and Public Affairs Manager at Google SA - one of the world’s most admired companies.

The 35-year-old holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Law and English which he obtained from UFH in 2010.  According to him, the degree from UFH assisted immensely in shaping his career.

“The qualification from UFH helped me greatly in understanding key elements of society such as Public Law, Constitutional Law, Law of Evidence and the interpretation of statutes. It also helped me refine my writing skills through Diane Schober's English Literature classes which opened my worldview and reaffirmed my love for the African continent. Having read Nervous Conditions, I was able to understand feminism in the African context, etc.”

In an interview with the Daily Dispatch, Siyavuya said his journey to the top had not been an easy one but had been extremely rewarding.

“I am lucky to get these opportunities, but I have learnt to make my own luck as well by putting in the hours. The more you work hard, the more luck you receive,” he said.

Siyavuya also holds an Honours Degree in Journalism and a certificate in management development. He started his career with Media24 in 2011. Before joining Google SA, Madikane worked as a PR account director at a sports activation agency, where he dealt with big companies such as Absa, Betway KFC, DStv and others.

According to the Dispatch article, Siyavuya hit the ground running at the global giant, leading projects such as the upcoming Google4Africa event, the launch of Google Wallet and the event to mark the recent landing in SA of the Equiano submarine internet cable, which is set to increase internet speeds by up to 20 times.

He recalled the University being a hive of activity during his time as a student.

“Student participation was high. We rekindled the BMF in 2009 along with the former SRC Deputy President, Cuma Dube;  former SRC member, Ndzwana Makaula under the leadership of Simphiwe Yako. We became the biggest student body just by being active and visible.”

“The University afforded us with a fun learning environment which wasn't just about the books but growing us as fully rounded human beings.”

“Fort Hare is one of the best universities in South Africa that is renowned for producing quality graduates since DDT Jabavu's time. You are in the right place, make sure you put in the hours to make it work for you and make sure you keep challenging the institution to do better, not just for you but for future generations. Khula Nokholejii!”

 This article was adapted from an article published by DispatchLIVE. https://www.dispatchlive.co.za/news/2022-09-12-hard-work-willingness-to-...