Student Representative Council Elections 2016

Read time: 2 mins

On 21 April 2016, the University of Fort Hare held their SRC Elections at their respective campuses; Alice, East London and Bisho. Students at their various campuses came out in numbers to cast their democratic vote. Vice Chancellor, Dr Mvuyo Tom encouraged all students to go exercise their rights and elect the political organization that they want to be represented by. As the management of the institution, he expressed that they were in full support of free and fair elections. The outcome of the results was narrowly very close between the South African Students Congress (SASCO) and Democratic Alliance Students Organization’s (DASO), SASCO winning by 43% against 40% that of DASO. This is a victory for SASCO as the Presidency and Secretary will come from its affiliates, which means they will advocate in terms of decision making. The other two political organizations that contested were the EFFSO and PASMA, which PASMA obtained a seat in the Institutional SRC. As the university celebrates its Centenary, all four organizations worked hard in campaigning for their respective parties and all wanted to win the elections in this celebratory year. The Student Representative Council has a role of ensuring the general welfare of all students of the University of Fort Hare, and SASCO ensures the students that they are committed to work hard to ensure that they build on the trust that students has bestowed upon them.