Registration under LOCKDOWN

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The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way we do things in the Higher Education sector. In some instances we have adapted seamlessly to the new normal, however, we are still trying to find our feet in some areas.

 In a bid to shed some light on the upcoming 2021 registration process, Dr Rose Masha: Deputy Registrar for Academic Affairs created time in her busy schedule to respond to questions sent by ThisWeek@FortHare. She shared the following pockets of critical information as the university endeavours to comply with Covid-19 health and safety regulations
Registration process 
• ALL continuing students will be registered remotely from the 8th - 14th March 2021 
• Registration for first years will take place on the following dates: 
ο East London campus: From 1st March
ο Bhisho campus: 5th to 6th March, and;
ο Alice campus: 8th to 14th March 
Information will be uploaded on the UFH website under the 2021 Registration Guide.
Late Applications 
• The university is not accepting late applications because the quota of applicants has been reached 
• If there are any spaces identified by faculties after registration, the list of rejected students will be revisited. 
• If there is still space, faculties, especially those that require Maths and Science as criteria – will move into walk-in space.
Walk-in Applications 
• Every year, the university only accepts walk-ins in the Science and Agriculture as well as Management and Commerce Faculties. The number of applicants from the Science and Mathematics stream is usually below the faculties’ quota. 
• In 2021 the walk-ins application process is going to be closely monitored in order to comply with Covid-19 restrictions.
 • The university will issue a communication as soon as faculties confirm the number of available spaces. 
• Walk-in application forms will be downloadable from the university website. Applicants may complete the form and email it to the relevant faculty. 
• Once approved, faculties will alert the successful students and invite them to come in and register.