Meet the Graduate holding three PhD qualifications from UFH

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Today, Dr Zandisile Dweba graduated with a Doctoral Degree in Theology during the 2022 UFH May graduation. This is his third Doctoral Degree from UFH.

He obtained his first PhD in Social Sciences in 2010 followed by a Doctor of Public Administration in 2017.

Dr Dweba who is a seasoned Human Resources and Leadership Practitioner is also our oldest graduate this season, at age 65.

The former gold miner’s journey at Fort Hare started in 1981 when he enrolled for a Diploma in Public Administration which he obtained in 1984.  He went on to complete his Bachelors and Honours Degrees from the University of South Africa, a Master Degree from University of Port Elizabeth (now Nelson Mandela University) and an Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Human Resource Management with the University of Oregon.

Over the years, Dr Dweba has held several senior and executive management positions in both the public and private sectors such as the Anglo American Corporation, Coca-Cola SA, Telkom SA, the South African South African Police and the East London Industrial Development Zone.

“I served in the position of Chief HR Officer at Fort Hare before I started a family Management Consulting business which I currently head as its CEO. I also supervise and mentor some Fort Hare research students,” he stated.

For his current doctoral research, Dr Dweba sought to assess the clergy leadership capabilities of the Ethiopian Episcopal Church in South Africa, and suggest strategies that could be implemented to mitigate the leadership competency gaps.

The most compelling findings of his study was the confirmation of the inadequacy of clergy training.

 The study also found large support for regulating admission to priesthood and ordination.

Open discussions on the church’s doctrine, vision and mission were recommended, to capacitate the clergy with strategic leadership and an understanding of the direction of the church.

In the past two years, while reading for his PhD, Dr Dweba has published five articles in accredited peer-reviewed journals.

Commenting on being a triple PhD graduate, Dr Dweba borrowed from Ernest Hemingway’s words which are as follows: “There’s nothing nobler in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.

“This is the story of my life.  It is my journey which was never meant to set a standard for anyone, least of all my family. I just wanted to beat my former self. Amazingly, I still feel so much energy to do more,” he said.

Dr Dweba is married with three children.