Dedicated UFH Sports Administrator elected to USSA Executive

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Mihlali Rodolo 

The University of Fort Hare continues to click on and off the field of play during this season’s University Sports South Africa games held at various venues across the country. Off the field of play, we have witnessed a nod from competing institutions who elected our very own,  Mihlali Rodolo to serve in the USSA Rugby as an additional member to service both women's and men's rugby in the university sector.

Mihlali also serves as the interim chairperson of bodybuilding at USSA.

A rural girl from Kwa Ntselamanzi, Alice, Mihlali holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Records Management from the UFH. She is a former netball player who developed a special love for rugby.

She started her sport administrative role in 2016, putting together all the logistical needs for the Varsity Shield. With the assistance of her mentor, the late Mr Elliot Fana, she was able to thrive in her role. 

In a bid to master her craft, the seasoned administrator, Mihlali has interviewed different sporting officials about the role administrators play in an athlete’s life. “Interviewing other Administrators has enabled me to plan and prepare for the unforeseen circumstances in my field through learning from other administrators' experiences”, she explained.

Mihlali has now set her goals on joining the Springbok women’s structure, with a particular focus on development.  "My objective is to ensure no talent is left unattended, be it in the rural areas of Qumbu or the flashy urban part of Cape town," she said.

She hopes her involvement will help in developing women’s rugby within and beyond university campuses and produce quality provincial and national players.