Baby Blues unveil new kit

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The next time you see them on the rugby field, the UFH Baby Blues will be draped in a brand new kit donated by The Courier Guy – a South African courier company.

The kit was unveiled on the 21st of September at the historic Davidson Sports Grounds on the Alice Campus.

Handing over the kit, Ms Aviwe Peteni who is the manager of the company’s Alice kiosk services said the company got inspired to make a contribution following the Blues’ Varsity Shield victory.

“The victory by the Luma ke Blues created an amazing spirit of wanting to be associated with the winning institution, the University of Fort Hare. That winning spirit was huge and crazy and out of this world and it needs to be transferred to women’s rugby as well. Already we can see there is progress in terms of their game.”

The Baby Blues has produced several players for the Women’s Springbok national squad, this includes Asisipho Plaatjies, Unam Tose, Lusande Dumke and Zintle Mpupha who made history when she became the second South African female rugby player to secure a deal in Europe after being signed by English club Exeter Chiefs.