International linkages, Chinese experience for Likhona Peter

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Likhona Peter, a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in History, Political Science and Communications, represented the University of Fort Hare and participated in the Homestay in Jinhua’s Historical Villages Project in China, from the 6th to the 26th of September 2017.The program was established in 2015 by Jinhua Municipal People’s Government, providing an opportunity for international youth through exchange programs and cooperation also aimed at bringing together young leaders across the world to discuss contemporary issues, challenges that are hindering development in their villages as well as brainstorming possible solutions and innovative ways to rural development and reduce levels of rural to urban migration.


Likhona has always been enthusiastic about community development. As the person who is involved in many Non-profit organisations, it has always been her dream to interact on a global scale. This trip was an accomplishment to her aspirations and a remarkable experience.This year she achieved a lot of things paving her way to be selected in this tremendous project. She graduated from the German Leadership programme called Frederich Elbert Stiftung (FES) organised by Fort Hare Autumn School, she graduated from Activate National Youth Network, she held the position as the Secretary of Sunrise Organisation and she is currently serving as the President of Enactus.


She experienced the most prominent cultural spaces in China, got to experience traditional handicrafts and learnt about Chinese history, she recommends that young people in Africa, particularly South Africa preserve their history and embrace their identity, “Young people are the future of this country, but for them to know where they are going they need to be taught and preserve their history”, said Peter.


She strongly believes that her experience would be an inspiration to her fellow young people to look for and make use of such.