Happy Birthday to the Peoples Organization

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The Vice Chancellor of the University of Fort Hare, Dr. Mvuyo Tom would like to congratulate the ANC on behalf of the university and all its staff and students on the occasion of its 104th birthday. The birth of the ANC as a custodian of the aspirations of the oppressed people of South Africa in 1912 was in many ways interlinked with the coming into being of this great institution which was born a mere 4 years thereafter. That the ANC was able to cultivate and sustain the intellectual and progressive tradition that came to define the umbilical cord and life of this university attests to the unshaken bonds between the freedom struggle of the African people and the quest for their intellectual advancement. The likes of ZK Matthews, who was the first African graduate of the University College of Fort Hare, DDT Jabavu who was amongst the first African members of staff at the university, Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo who pioneered the formation of the ANC Youth League in 1944 and many others including the progressive revolutionaries around Africa and the world have all walked the corridors of this great institution whilst sparring no effort in building the movement for change.


Coincidentally, as the ANC celebrates its 104th birthday, the University of Fort Hare is gearing up to celebrate and reflect on its own achievements in its centenary year. It was not an accident of history that these two institutions were born at the same time and historical epoch. The contribution that both have made in the advancement not only of the oppressed people of South Africa but its entire society bears testimony to the historical mandate that they carry to free society of the burden of oppression and backwardness. As South Africa moves forward, these institutions together with all South Africans, should carry the flag even more higher towards the achievement of the goals of our national development plan which promises a progressive and economically prosperous future.


Happy Birthday ANC


Dr. Mvuyo Tom

Vice Chancellor – University of Fort Hare  

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