Erasmus Mundus Action 2 for South Africa

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Twelve University of Fort Hare recipients are on their way to study and do research in European universities through the Erasmus Mundus programme which takes a maximum of 36 months. This was confirmed in a function organised by Fort Hare’s International Affairs office on 29 August. This programme for world-wide cooperation in providing scholarships and mobility grants and has been open to staff and students from South African higher education institutions in since 2011. This year, 148 scholarships were awarded to 43 doctoral candidates, 80 masters and 25 staff members were awarded to South Africans.


Bongo Mqukuse, Sisanga Nduna, Khanyisa Ntshangase, Vuyisa Tafa, Phiwokuhle Zituta, Nomtha Vellem,  Curswan Andrews, Vusumzi Martins and Banele Dosi are part of the four doctoral candidates and eight masters from Fort Hare to participate in this programme.


This is an opportunity that is open to all that are interested and the university is encouraging all the students to take up this opportunity.