Language Centre

The University of Fort Hare (UFH), through the Council Language Committee (CLC), established a Language Centre. The Centre aspires to be a fully-fledged establishment with explicit objectives such as (i) language development – with specific focus on isiXhosa (taking into account the need to cater for other languages in the future- as per the profile of the student population), (ii) promotion of multilingualism within the institution and (iii) the integration of language into the content in academic offerings across faculties.  The Centre will therefore take its rightful position of being at the forefront of implementing all aspects of the UFH Language Policy.


The University of Fort Hare Language Centre that develops, strengthens and promotes multilingualism for excellence in teaching, learning and research, for advancement of social cohesion and nation building.


The mission of the University of Fort Hare Language Centre facilitates multilingualism for the purposes of scholarship, economic development and social justice through the recognition of linguistic human rights.


Language Centre shall be guided by overarching values of the university, of integrity, excellence, ethics, innovation and tolerance for linguistic diversity.


The main goal of the UFH Language Centre is to give expression to the status and principles of the language policy, while achieving a linguistic balance through the integration of multilingualism in all activities of the university.