Centre for Transdisciplinary Studies

Over the past years, the University of Fort Hare has shown interest in a properly coordinated and structured transdisciplinary project. This interest coincided with national policy imperatives that are linked to the Department of Higher Education and Training and the Council on Higher Education (CHE). This quest for transdisciplinarity relates to the limitations of the present modes of knowledge generation to address increasingly complex societal challenges and to “produce knowledge that is more relevant to South Africa’s social and economic needs, more representative of the diversity of its knowledge producers, and more inclusive of the variety of sites where knowledge is produced” (Undisciplining Knowledge Production Winberg 2006:159). The Centre for Transdisciplinary Studies houses the University’s compulsory first year, 16 credit course, Life, Knowledge, Action (LKA) also known as the Grounding Programme.

- Vision-

To be a Centre of excellence grounded on humanising pedagogy, aiming to be the leading transdisciplinary Centre in the Country by 2022.

- Mission-

To serve the University community through transdisciplinary teaching and learning, research and community engagement.

- Our Services-

The University of Fort Hare regards the establishment of the Centre for Transdisciplinary Studies (CTS) as an historic opportunity to anchor its academic programmes on transdisciplinary studies. The CTS offers the following services:

         - Teaching and Learning

         - Research

         - Community outreach programmes