Xonné Muller

Xonné Muller (MA in Kinderkinetics) is a lecturer in the Human Movement Science Department at the University of Fort Hare. She started her career as a Kinderkineticist at the North-west University (NWU) where she graduated in Human Movement Science and specialized in Kinderkinetics. In 2015, she accepted a job at a primary school where she was primarily responsible for teaching motor development as part of the school curriculum for grades 1-3 and also acted as a the Kinderkineticists within the school setting to assist with remediation sessions for children with motor discrepancies and learning disabilities. Thereafter she broadened her horizons within the private practice, she went on to combine her love for teaching with her career as a Kinderkineticist in 2019 and gained experience in tertiary education as a lecturer at a private institution. In 2019, she obtained her master’s degree in Human Movement Science with specialization in Kinderkinetics and is currently pursuing a PhD within her specialization field of expertise as a Kinderkineticist. Xonné recently published her first research article in 2021 which is mainly focused on the influence of physical activity levels and malnutrition on the academic performance of primary school girls.
M.A in Kinderkinetics
Human Movement Science