Health Sciences Institute (HSI)

The vision of HSI is to create sustainable ideas to promote healthy communities. The institute has been established and approved to ensure sustainability within the Faculty of Health Sciences. This will be achieved through excellence provision of accredited and internally approved short learning programmes. The quality of the courses are ensured through following processes and procedures laid down by the university and in the ASELPH following case teaching and e- learning pedagody. The HIS engages stakeholders through Policy and research round table seminar discussions. The HSI programmes have been developed within the faculty focusing ondesciplines in leadership and management, nursing science, human movement sciences and more based on the needs of the communities, health care leaders and professionals. The HSI further contributes to establishing partnerships in training and development with hospitals, Eastern Cape Department of Health, Work Integrated Learning Programmes funded through SETAs, raising funds mainly through programme marketing and proposal writing to different sponsors, identifying mentoring needs and offer intervention including coordinating programmes offered in collaboration with Fort Hare Solution.