Albertina Sisulu Executive Leadership Programme in Health (ASELPH)

ASELPH represents a unique and novel academic and health-policy focused partnership between South African and international partners including University of Fort Hare, University of Pretoria (UP), Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and South Africa Partners.

Working closely with the National Department of Health, ASELPH:

  • Provides executive leadership training;
  • Builds capacity at local universities to offer this leadership training;
  • Conducts applied research grounded in key South African health policy initiatives; and
  • Hosts policy Seminars and round tables on major health policy options.


This partnership has allowed ASELPH to make meaningful strides in helping to transform the South African healthcare system build the capacity of individuals and health-care organizations within the health sector, while building the leadership and expertise needed to expand executive-level training in the country.

The work and focus of ASELPH is guided by a Steering Committee chaired by the Deputy Director-General (DOG) for Hospitals, Tertiary Health Services and Human Resource Development in the National Department of Health, Dr Terence Carter.  This Steering Committee represents all partner organizations as well as independent health experts from the private sector and parastatal, funding partners, representatives for the national and provincial Department of health and the Sisulu family.

An Innovative Approach

ASELPH takes an innovative, multi-faceted approach to transforming the South African healthcare system and supporting leaders and managers who are at the centre of service delivery.  The ASELPH programme draws on the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s case study method and validated adult-learning techniques to provide:

  • Targeted training of executive, district and hospital managers who are responsible for service related to the National Health Insurance Initiative (NHI) and other key health policies the Re-engineering of Primary health Care being one of them
  • Education and training for health executives who are responsible for the management of large public health programmes, including the South African National Strategic Plan on HIV,STIs and TB (2016-2020).
  • E-learning - opportunities for leaders and managers in healthcare to be exposed to internationally recognized modules taught directly from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health via an e-learning platform.  This is a blended learning approach adopted by ASELPH partners to enhance the learning experience and interactions between faculty and fellows.
  • Mentoring – providing mentoring for ASELPH fellows in helping them to address daily management and leadership challenges and allowing ASELPH fellows to provide mentoring for their peers in terms of skills and knowledge transfer and internal capacity building.
  • The development of case studies - specific to South African situations – that provide insight and understanding of health-related management and leadership issues within the context of ASELPH.


ASELPH Executive Fellowship Academic Programme

The University of Fort Hare Executive Fellowship Programme is offered through a Master’s in Public Health with the following modules:

  • Introduction to Public Administration and Learning in Public Health
  • Executive Leadership in Health, Complex Problem Solving, Ethics and Values in Health Care, Negotiating Coherence and Coordination
  • Strategic Marketing and Communication
  • Public Health Policy Transformation, Governance and Legislation
  • Strategic Human Resources, Labour Relations and Management Performance
  • Organisational Strategy in Health Strategic Economics and Finance Management in Health
  • Research Methodology
  • Quality Improvement Modalities (Strategies) in Health System, Health Informatics, Monitoring and Evaluation

The Programme includes the following Specialisation Tracks or Options:

  • Central and Decentralisation NHI, PHC Re-engineering 
  • Hospital Management and Leadership (Critical Unit in Hospital, Hospital Specific Competencies, Hospital Operations Management
  • Health Research (Epidemiology, Advanced Epidemiology, Biostatistics)


ASELPH International Academic Collaboration


South African Faculty members from UP and UFH continue to work closely with their counterparts from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, USA.  This collaboration ensures that the academic content of the ASELPH programme is world-class and relevant to the South African context.

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