Workshop on Responsible conduct of research and laboratory practices

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The SAMRC Centre at the University of Fort Hare in collaboration with the North-West University and Iowa State University presented a workshop on “Responsible conduct of research and laboratory practices” at the Mariam Makeba Hall on 19 October 2017. Resource persons included Prof AI Okoh (Director of the SAMRC Centre at Fort Hare), Profs Gwyn Bettier and Larry Halverson from Iowa State University in the United States and Prof O Babalola of North-West University.


The workshop which had over a hundred participants in attendance included academics, laboratory technicians, Postdocs, Postgraduate students amongst others and was graced by the Acting Dean of Research Prof L Majova-Songca who stood in for the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs). The workshop had the following objectives:


•          To promote efficient and transparent laboratory management practices.

•          To promote professionalism in the work place and a healthy work/life balance.

•          To prepare participants mind set on Lean operating procedures.

•          To promote an academic environment conducive to effective research.

•          To foster ethical problem solving skills


Topics covered included: Lab Management; Best practices for laboratory notebooks; Good laboratory; Standard operating procedures; Responsible Conduct in Research - what is it and what are the consequences?; Responsible Conduct in Research - Constructive interventions; Best practices in the laboratory sciences; Mentoring; Authorship; Peer Review; Conflicts of Interest; and Research collaborations. It was indeed a very exciting workshop and funded by the National Research Foundation of South Africa and the South African Medical Research Council.