SRC President on Graduation

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UFH conferred 33 PHD’s in its spring graduation which took place in Alice on the 15th of September, bringing the number of PhD’s conferred for 2017 to 110.The youngest to have graduated with a PHD’s this year being 25 years. Upon addressing graduates, SRC president, Mosuli  Cwele, gave a heart rending speech where he stressed  that education carries the potential to lift our societies out of poverty and inequality by simultaneously ensuring the access and employment in the labour market.


Furthermore he highlighted that the community of the institution acknowledges the strides that the university has played to sharpen the graduates by giving them the knowledge that will be used to change many lives in their communities.

Mosuli stated that he hopes the graduates have not turned a blind eye to what has been happening around the country with regard to the issues higher education faces ,namely: Transformation, internationalisation, decline in state funding/return on investment discourse and building the next generation of academics to name but a few.

Quoting the legendary Steve Biko,Mosuli said “A person without a positive history is like a vehicle without an engine “.His focus in this regard was that of the parents who had played a significant role in the lives of those who were graduating on the day. He was giving thanks to the role and contribution that the parents play for the individuals who were graduating in order to gain success of this magnitude

Rita Marley, the wife of the late Bob Marley, was also given an honorary Doctorate in Social Sciences and Humanities for which she could not personally accept due to health reasons, which the Rita Marley Foundation accepted in her name.

By Akhona Mshiywa