Recipient of the Embassy of France in South Africa Scholarship

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Miss Hombakazi Mercy Nqandeka enrolled for Bachelor of Science in Agriculture majoring in Crop and Soil Science in 2008. She subsequently obtained her undergraduate degree and proceeded for Honours in Soil Science under the supervision of Professor Isaiah Wakindiki which she completed in 2014. She is currently registered for Masters of Science in Agriculture under the supervision of Dr Johan van Tol which she anticipates to complete this academic year 2016.

Upon the advert by the Embassy of France in South Africa about a scholarship to join an European Master ,at the Montpellier-Sup Ago University, entitled “Climate Change and Transition” which came to her attention through the F’SAGRI by Dr Catherine Constant and Dr Laurence Mioche, she forwarded her application to the Embassy of France in South Africa. Their assistance has been paramount throughout her application process. After a series of interviews and tests for selecting the best applications, she was amongst the successful candidates.  Miss Nqandeka will study in two different European countries. In her case, the first year of her studies will be spent in Ireland at the University of Galway and the  the National Research Foundation agreed to settle all costs of this first year in Ireland. Her second year will be spent in France at the Montpellier-Sup Agro University where she will complete her studies with a grant of Campus France. She is anticipated to depart South Africa Mid-August as her studies commence on the 01 September 2016. The program will start with a introduction week in Vienna (Austria). She will complete her Master in August 2018. The University of Fort Hare prides itself for producing such an esteemed graduate who is not afraid of grabbing opportunities that come to her attention. It is not by luck that she received the scholarship but because of her hard work and zeal for academic excellence in the field of Agriculture.