Orientation 2019 “Study but also play”

Read time: 2 mins

The University of Fort Hare held its Orientation programme for first year students at the ABC Hall, East London Campus and at the Green Auditorium, Alice Campus.  Each year the Student Affairs Department presents an orientation programme for first year students to introduce them to the various resources and processes that are available at the University.  In welcoming the novices, Student Counselling Unit Manager Mr Prince Dabula emphasised the importance and need for effective use of the resources available at their disposal. For example, student counselling, sports and additional academic support like supplemental instructions. 

Mr Xolani Jaji, the  SRC President added by congratulating the  students for passing matric. He emphasised how important  a milestone that is; indicating how being at university will offer many of them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. He mentioned the importance of education and encouraged students to work hard to achieve what they came to the University for. He remarked, “Don’t play because others are playing. Know when to play and know when to study”

The fountain of knowledge and encouragement kept flowing; with Prof Buhlungu telling them “This is the beginning of a journey that must end somewhere”, He encouraged them to aim to finish their degrees in record time. Similarly, he also encouraged them to explore the various activities of the numerous student groups to enhance their experience on social interaction at UFH. He made examples about the UFH Choir, sports and debating clubs that are some of the glaring examples of success available to them.

The Vice Chancellor further urged students to adjust and adapt with ease, as they would meet other students from different backgrounds. They need to interact amongst themselves to enhance further their out-of-the-classroom learning process. At this moment, he urged students to resist peer pressure and always remember the purpose of why they came to the University. He said, “In the university, there are rules. Amongst these rules, the university has zero tolerance for all forms of gender-based violence.”

At this moment, he introduced and welcomed, the top brass of South African Police Service from the East London Cluster. For this year’s First Year Experience, this was welcome addition to the programme as Brigadier Kanuka, who is the Acting Cluster Commander of East London, educated students about what safety precautions student needed to take in various circumstances at school and their respective  residences