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The University of Fort Hare through the Oliver Tambo Chair of Human Rights together with UMTAPO held a moving memorial lecture in honour of the late Professor Mbulelo Vizikhungo Mzamane at the University of Fort Hare’s new Agriculture Auditorium on Thursday, 28th March. The lecture was delivered by Professor Philden Ndlela, a former Fort Hare academic in the English studies and comparative literature department. Ndlela is a recipient of the full-bright scholarship and current Associate Professor of North-West University.Prof Ndlela described his mentor as an internationalist who was born to serve and teaching being his calling and influenced by the likes of Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Eskia Mpahlele, and W.E. De Boois. Bra Mbu, as they called him was blessed with pedagogical acumen, an embodiment of independent thought and courage, said Ndlela. “He was never inhumane, he never looked down to those who looked up to him”, he said.

 Mzala, one of Mzamane’s writing is considered as one of his launch pads and rise to prominence whereas children of paradise are his last contribution. Professor Mzamane is a  former lecturer in the department of English and his tenure is described by the vibrancy he brought and a series of stimulating workshops and a master’s program in Pan-African letters.

When he assumed the position of Vice Chancellor he hit the ground running with transformation and curriculum renewal at the core of his job. He assembled what was his dream team, a group of young and committed academics across the continent. His commitment to transformation was not to go unchallenged as the old guard connived as he ultimately resigned from his post as head of Fort Hare wishing the new university’s leadership. “May God put more power to your leadership, you have many rivers to cross”