Sixth session of the 93rd graduation ceremony.

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A packed sports complex in the Alice campus was home to a very joyous celebration during the 93rd graduation ceremony. In its hundredth year, University of Fort Hare saw 2845 degrees conferred and witness a continued growth of doctoral qualification as a total of 39 will be conferred in this winter graduation. The number of PHD are expected to increase to over 69 by the October graduation ceremony in total.

“You have achieved this milestone because of discipline and desire to rise above average, you are the source of joy and pride to your families”. Said Ben Martins who is chair of the public works committee in the national assembly. No amount of prayer without hard work and your success is attributed to your teachers, he said. Graduates should face today’s objective reality and a new set of challenges like the economic meltdown, he said. He called on people to be innovative, rather be employers and have to be pioneers as life will not always be easy.

He urged people to participate in a people centered development and the skilled people to drive innovative economy, drop poverty rates and unemployment, partake in skills development and play a transformative role. Strive to make Africa a better place, said Martins.