Management and Commerce unleashes its produce

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The University of Fort Hare’s 93 graduation ceremony is on it second day in the Alice campus conferring four PhD’s in the 39 the university will see this may graduation. The President of Fort Hare  Convocation and former BANKSETA  CEO, Max Makhubalo delivered a keynote address in front of a full to the rafters sports complex. Makhubalo called on the “special centenary  graduands” to be relevant to the challenges faced by the society and continue to affect the way people lives like those affected by Fort hare in their thirst for freedom. Makhubalo referred to fort hare as home to all Africans. He called on fresh graduated to consider going for post graduate studies and immolate what India is doing, exporting talent all over the world and as well should invest in the courses of the people, he concluded.