Kotex “Girlology” Workshop

Read time: 2 mins

Mr. Brian Gallant, Dean of Students, and Dr. Mlisa from the University’s HIV/AIDS Unit welcomed the students, event hosts and special guests, accordingly. The talks focused on how these youthful ladies can discover their true identities and who they deserve to be, in a bid to cultivate a positive self-image, as well as self-belief and respect, with the hope of boosting their self-esteem and unleashing their full potential.  The ultimate vision is that they would be better able to deal with life’s landmines and women-related pressures, and consequently contribute to society in a positive manner.

The workshop saw interactive discussions on issues affecting women, namely, menstruation, feminine hygiene, pregnancy, sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking and STD’s, among other factors. The sessions involved self-exploration and self-analysis with the intention of uprooting destructive influences and negative choices and finding solutions to change them. “The Girlology workshop was very informative, interactive, educational and fun. The University of Fort Hare “girls” were very excited to talk about their challenges insecurities as well as women empowering topics” says Linake Ntekeleng, HIV/AIDS Unit Assistant Administrator.

To add icing on the cake, workshop attendees were presented with Kotex goody bags and hampers. The timing of the workshop could not have been more perfect as it fell just a few days before the beginning of August, a month popularly known as “women’s” month in South Africa.