Centenary graduation

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In its centenary year, the university of Fort Hare during its May graduation saw 2845 graduands conferred and out of that 39 were PhD’s and as usual in Fort Hare graduation the faculty of science and agriculture leads the pack. On Wednesday 11th May the ceremony started off in the main campus with the founder and chairman of the Gift of the Givers, Dr Imitaz Sooliman, honoured for his outstanding work in uplifting the community, Doctor of Science (honoris causa).

Gift of the Givers is an organization that came into being in August of 1992, an organization that also made history in 2010 when it rescued a person alive in Haiti following a devastating earth quake that saw 250 000 fatalities. “Please remember where you started”, said Dr Sooliman referring to new graduates. “Some live flashy lives and forget and where they come from” said Sooliman. We have more wars and disorder in the world and we have more intellectuals but the we continue go backwards, meaning there is a vital link that is missing. Spirituality is missing in our lives. He called on people to have mercy, hold and lift the suffering, clothe the naked, feed the hungry. If stereo types are removed, we can do anything, with skills, commitment and passion we can install hope to somebody miles away from us, he concluded.