Convocation to play its role

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The President of Fort Hare Convocation and Alumni, Lwazi Rotya, stated that the institution is in need of a major injection of funds to stabilise its operations and thus continuing to produce high calibre of academics and intellectuals, this he said in his maiden speech at the spring graduation.


“Our strength as people is not tested during the best of times. As we said before, we should never become desponded because the weather is bad nor should we turn triumphalist because the sun shines”, he was referring to the fact that the university depends on its former students for upliftment and survival in good as much as in bad times.


He furthermore emphasised that the University of Fort Hare is not previously disadvantaged but currently disadvantaged and therefore needs ‘helping hands’ in order for it to be sustained by those who are in good standing financially to plough back to the institution.


Rotya said, “Fort Hare is like Harvard and Cambridge at the same time”. He was pointing and emphasising on the rich culture and tradition of the university by making reference to a statement which was made by Mandela in his glory days when he was comparing the university’s source and substance to those abroad which are established and held in high regard.


“The number of Postgraduates is growing at a satisfactory rate and the University of Fort Hare is fortunate enough to attract a lot of students across the continent and hence there is a need to lobby for funds to support these students”, said Rotya.


He also highlighted that furthermore, it is evident that the institution is on the right track as the total number of PHD graduates totalled to 110 for the year.


“The colour of poverty remains black. The colour of unemployment remains black and the colour of crime remains black. Go provide solutions to our people”, he concluded.


By Akhona Mshiywa