About Us

History of the faculty of Science and Agriculture

  • The faculty of Science and agriculture was initially established in 1967, as the faculty of Agriculture, and the only faculty to accommodate black students in South Africa during the Apartheid era. After its establishment, more than 1000 students from all the provinces and neighbouring countries graduated from this faculty, contributing significantly to the development of the agricultural sector and research in Eastern Cape and South Africa.

Through research advances and collaborations, an Agricultural and Rural Development Research Institute (ARDRI) was established in 1977, within the former faculty of Agriculture. This institute aimed at promoting agricultural research that will contribute to the development and improvement of the lives of rural people and communities in the Eastern Cape as well as the whole of South Africa. In 2001 the Department of Geography joined Agriculture to become the new Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. And later, in 2005, the Faculty of Agriculture and Science merged to form the Faculty of Science and Agriculture.


The Faculty of Science and Agriculture is a vibrant, innovative centre of excellence,

relevant to the scientific, technological and agricultural needs of society.


To unlock the potential of our staff, students and communities, in an environment conducive to learning, through teaching and research, and the pursuit of strategic partnerships.


Dean’s message


The Faculty of Science and Agriculture is a vibrant, innovative centre of scientific and technological excellence, with a mission to unlock the potential of our staff, students and communities through teaching, research, and strategic partnerships. It is the flagship faculty of the University of Fort Hare due to its productivity, and being the highest contributor to institutional research output over many years.  Our academics continue to build strong relationships with industry, public partners and their academic peers both nationally and internationally. These collaborations present enormous opportunities for our students to be exposed to diverse teaching, research and community engagement opportunities, which are relevant to our immediate environment and the national context. The staff of the faculty (academic and support) strive to create an enabling and affirming educational environment where students are encouraged to take their education serious and become excellent ambassadors for the faculty, society and their families as they enter the workplace.

Management and Admin

Administrative Staff


Dean                                                  Monde, N   PhD (Agric Economics) UFH

Deputy Deans                                  Okoh, AI   PhD (Microbiology) OAU, Nigeria

                                                    Heshula, LU   PhD (Entomology) RU

Personal Assistant                          Maweza, F   B Tech (HRM) UNISA

Faculty Manager                             Smith, MS   MA (Social Dev) UEA, UK

Assistant Fac Managers  Vacant Mandila, PN   B (Soc Sc) Hons, UFH

                                                           Smit, LG   BA Honours (English) UFH

Snr Administrator                            Vacant


                                                              Adonis, P   BA (Applied Communication) UFH

                                                              Lubisi, L   Dipl (Office Admin) Border Technikon

                                                              Yawa, N   B Tech (Public Management) WSU

                                                              Manyonta, C B Admin (Public Admin) UFH

                                                              Silani, I   Dipl (Computer Software Skills) MSc College

                                                              Kraqa, N Dipl (Management Assist) Ikhala FET College