1.  All applications for admission are subject to the selection process.
2.  Applicants must comply with the general admission requirements and any other specific requirements as prescribed by the Faculty.
3.  A candidate may be expected to attend an interview, undergo a selection test and/or make a written presentation to the relevant head of department


1.   Submit your application form and all the necessary documentation including application fee before closing date.

2.   An SMS will be sent to you informing you of the status  of your application thereafter a letter of confirmation.

3.   Successful applicants will receive an admission letter, together with a registration guide, which reflects the registration dates and orientation programme.

The Student Administration Office will help you with application, admission and registration enquiries.
Admission Enquiries
Alice Campus
Tel.: 040-602 2016/ 2053/ 2122/ 2174
East London Campus
Tel.: 043-704 7155/ 7266/ 7004/ 7139The Student Administration Office will help you with application, admission and registration enquiries.
Admission Enquiries
Alice Campus
Tel.: 040-602 2016/ 2053/ 2122/ 2174
East London Campus
Tel.: 043-704 7155/ 7266/ 7004/ 7139


1.      The main aim of the international student policy is to contribute towards the overall mission of the University through co-operative and collaborative academic and student exchange and other educational programme agreements, in order to achieve a culturally diverse university community, and to offer high quality education of international standards.
2.       The  University of  Fort Hare already has active agreements with selected partners,  such  as  the  Zimbabwean  Government,  Kingdom  of  Lesotho, Botswana Government and the Malawian Government that regulate the intake of a limited number of international students.  A number of co-operative and collaborative partnership agreements, in the form academic and student exchange programmes, Study Abroad Programs, Semester Abroad, in other regions of the world exist.  Some need activation.  Individual degree seeking requests exist and more are welcome.
3.      The University wishes to incrementally attract more international students, and more particularly postgraduate students, in selected, targeted areas where it is presently able to offer comparative advantage.
4.       Prospective  international students  may,  therefore,  contact  the  Institutional Office  and  the  University  Planner  for  up  to  date  information  on  the programmes where international applications are currently invited.
The University is now fully affiliated to the International Education Association of  South  Africa  (IEASA),  and  is  participating fully  in  its  programmes  on Internationalization, both at National and Campus levels.  These programmes include challenges brought about by the African Union, NEPAD, and Globalization challenges in general.
5.       To  keep  abreast  of  modern  Information  Technology  and  communication trends, the University, through its International Affairs Office, is affiliated to the Universities and Technikons Association (UNITECH).
6.        To promote quality of service to International Students, the University, through its International Affairs Office, is also affiliated to the National Association of Student Development Practitioners (NASDEV).

7.        Study permits

Students require study permits, and  it  is  the  responsibility of  prospective students to apply for these in adequate time from the relevant South African mission, including medical coverage from a South African recognised and registered health service provider, in compliance with the Immigration Act.
First time study permits should be applied for from the Embassy or High Commission within the country of application.

7.1      Study permit renewal

NB* All applications for extension of a study permit should be submitted at least 30 days before the expiry date.  Failure to do so will mean that one will have    to satisfy the Director General that there was good cause, in order to have the late application accepted.  The UFH international office assists with the renewal of study permits. In order to extend the study permit one will need to prepare and submit the following the Department of  Home Affairs.  No International student will be registered without a valid study permit as it is illegal to contravene any of the requirements of the Immigration Act and the Medical Schemes Act.

(i)        A valid Passport (valid for at least more than the required extension period);
(ii)       Completed Home Affairs application form BI 1739;
(iii)      Application  fee  of  R425.00  (either  by  cash  or  bank-guaranteed cheque);
(iv)      Proof of sufficient financial means to cover tuition fees, subsistence and incidental costs (in the form of a Bursary or bank statement);
(v)      Police clearance certificate less than six months old (anyone 18 years or older);
(vi)      Medical  and  radiological  reports  less  than  six  month  old  forms available  from  the  UFH   international  Office  or  any  Home  Affairs office);
(vii)     Official letter from the International office confirming registration and course duration;
(viii)    Proof of medical coverage that is registered and recognised in South Africa;
(ix)      Proof of repatriation undertaking or, in the case of African countries only, proof that the person‟s country has signed a written agreement to pay costs of deportation should it become necessary;
(x)      Accommodation (copy of lease arrangement, letter from the landlord, etc, if not residing in the institutions residence).
(xi)   Payment of the repatriation fee of R500.00 is compulsory for all international students.